Welcome to ValvePro 5 Online Training Portal.

ValvePro requires an internet browser that supports Adobe Flash Player to run properly. If you are using an Apple iOS or an Android OS, you may need to purchase and install a browser such as Puffin that supports Adobe Flash. NOTE: the free apps may have limited functionality. If you are using Windows 8 or 8.1, ValvePro DOES NOT function properly using Google Chrome.

If you can see the ValvePro banner above, your browser supports Adobe Flash. Click on the ‘ValvePro 5 Login’ button below. A login screen will appear which can be bookmarked for quick access in future sessions. Click on the ‘Registration’ tab and submit your information. Further instructions will be emailed to the address you provide. Students are required to register and payment must be received before their account will be activated. If required, you will be contacted after registration has been completed. ValvePro 4.5 will remain available for Spanish-speaking students.

ValvePro 4.5 Login   ValvePro 5 Login

If you cannot see the ValvePro banner above, you will need to install Adobe Flash onto your system. Click on the Adobe Flash button below and follow the installation instructions provided.

For more information the ValvePro "Certified Valve Maintenance Technician" training program, visit http://www.valvepro.com.

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