A Practical Approach

The “ValvePro® Certified Valve Maintenance Technician” training curriculum is delivered in two separate modules:

  • Online Training Module – takes students approximately 20 – 30 hours to complete.
  • Hands-On Training Module – three consecutive days of instructor-led demonstrations, presentations and lectures.

After successful completion of both modules, students will be awarded a “ValvePro® Certified Valve Maintenance Technician” certificate issued by PETEX.

Online Training Module

The self-paced, self-study Online Training Module provides theory and procedures presented throughout four different levels:

  • Level 1 – Valve Basics
  • Level 2 – Valve Commissioning
  • Level 3 – Valve Inspection and Maintenance
  • Level 4 – Troubleshooting

It is designed to help students acquire the theory and knowledge to identify typical valve malfunctions and corresponding solutions to restore seal integrity. Successful completion of each module, with a mark of 75% or higher, is required before eligibility for the Hands-on Training module.

Hands-On Training Module

The instructor-led Hands-On Training module includes theory and practical procedures:

  • The operation of hand and power-operated injection equipment
  • High-pressure gauge reading techniques
  • Fitting and adapter identification and applications
  • Maintenance and troubleshooting the most common valves
  • Actuator and gearbox basics

All students must demonstrate their knowledge, skills and competency to the instructor under live or simulated conditions.

All of our instructors are Certified Valve Maintenance Technicians with years of technical and field experience. They are trained to transfer their knowledge in clear, practical terms. The training is so comprehensive that ValvePro certification is now recognized as an Occupational Health and Safety requirement in many jurisdictions.

Click here to download the complete ValvePro Syllabus in PDF format.