In order to meet all your training needs, ValvePro is available in three formats.

Full Training – PETEX Certification

$2,500.00 USD + Applicable Taxes

This package, complete with Valve Maintenance Technician certification, includes the Online Training module plus attendance at one of the ValvePro Certification Centers for the 3-day, Hands-On Training module. Only upon successful completion of both modules are students awarded the PETEX certification.


You can have a ValvePro instructor-led seminar with content tailored specifically for your needs. Our Valve Maintenance and Safety Seminars teach personnel to extend valve life, stop fugitive emissions and prevent accidents. Our instructors have extensive field experience which enables them to present the information in practical, easy-to-understand terms. WE WILL BRING THE SEMINAR TO YOUR SITE! Our instructors will work on your problem valves as demonstration tools and use injection equipment familiar to your operations personnel. Any work performed is based on the valve manufacturer’s recommended procedures which can be accomplished using standard maintenance equipment.